Equipment & Supplies You’ll Need


Heat Press

We recommend name brand heat presses like Hotronix or George Knight, but as long as it has good pressure and consistent temperature across the platen, you should be fine. 

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is used to protect your heat press and for finishing the application. 

Xpress It Digital Transfer Directions

File Formats

We recommend using CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to create artwork for Heat Transfers. See Art Requirements for details.

Textile Selection

For garments, always select a less stretchy fabric (no spandex or lycra) to prevent cracking when pulling/stretching the fabric apart.


Set heat press to application temperature based on the substrate. See Substrate Temperature & Time Guide below. Arrange substrate on heat press and pre-press for 5 – 10 seconds or until hot.

Heat Press

Place the textile or other substrate on the lower platen of the heat press. Lay the heat transfer on substrate (face down), cover with parchment paper and press according to Substrate Temperature & Time Guide below.


Allow To Cool

Carefully remove substrate from press and allow to cool completely.

Remove Clear Carrier

Remove clear carrier only once the transfer and garment are completely cold. To ensure a matte finish and wash-ability, it is important that you repress with a sheet of parchment. See Transfer Finishing Instructions below.

Substrate Temperature & Time Guide


285º – 310º F
30 Seconds
Low Pressure


250º – 265ºF
30 Seconds
Low Pressure


220º F
30 Seconds
High Pressure


240º F
20 Seconds
Low Pressure

Book Covers

230º – 250º F
15 Seconds
Low Pressure


230º F
15 – 45 Seconds (depending on thickness)
Low Pressure


240º F
15 Seconds
Low Pressure

Transfer Finishing Instructions

For Washable Substrates

To ensure a matte finish and washability, it is important to repress applied transfer covered with a sheet of parchment paper.

Cotton: 365°F for 30 seconds, high pressure

Polyester: 285°F for 10 seconds, high pressure

Transfer Finishing Instructions

For NON-Washable Substrates

For a matte finish, repress applied transfer covered with a sheet of parchment paper for 5 to 20 seconds at application temperature.

Care Instructions

Cold Wash inside out delicate cycle. Low dryer or hang dry. Cover transfer with parchment paper when ironing.

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