Welcome to Xpress It! We aim to be the best, EASIEST place to get started in the custom T-shirt business. We recommend you read the heat press and artwork requirements before placing your order for heat transfers.

Heat Press

Here’s what you need to get started:


We really cannot stress this enough. Xpress It transfers work great, have amazing color and last wash after wash but only if the proper procedures are followed with the proper equipment.

Here are a few warning signs that you don’t have a professional heat press:

  • If you can hold it in your hand – IT’S AN IRON. You can’t use that.
  • You can’t adjust the pressure – normally it’s just a knob that you twist, but it’s important that you be able to adjust the pressure to “high” or “low” pressure press
  • There’s no thermostat, or there’s just a knob with words like “hot”, “hotter” on it – you will definitely need something with numbers.

We typically recommend name brand heat presses like Hotronix or George Knight, but as long as it has good pressure and consistent temperature across the platen, you should be fine.



We can create beautiful, high quality transfers that you can then apply to t shirts, wood, bags, etc to make beautiful finished products for your customers. BUT we have to start with beautiful, high quality images!

This is how you can tell you do not have beautiful, high quality images to print:

  • You right clicked on a website logo and choose “SAVE AS”
  • When you open the artwork up in an image viewer and “zoom in”, it starts to look like Legos right away
  • The picture reminds you of a VHS tape when you hit the Pause button
  • The file size is really low – it should be a BIG file… heavy even.
  • There’s a background you don’t want to print – like box around/behind the image you really want.

The best thing you can upload to have a quality transfer produced is a very large, clean CMYK image in a vector art format like an .eps or .ai file. If you’re going to use a raster image, make sure it is a large CMYK .tiff so you maintain transparency.


Follow these instructions before submitting your artwork.

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Order Heat Transfers.


After you place your order you’ll hear from us, we promise. We’ll send you an email to confirm what you want or answer any questions you may have.

Either way, we call ourselves Xpress It for a reason – you’ll get your order FAST!

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